What's Newsworthy?

The last couple of years has brought us some exciting developments!

The renovations to our building have now been completed. The new roof looks fantastic!

Along with improving the general aesthetic appeal of the building, air-conditioning units have been fitted to maintain a consistent temperature environment.

Lighting has been upgraded to include ecofriendly energy saving LED high bays along with a complete rewire, aiding us in our campaign to reduce our carbon footprint, and the new roof means we have gained considerable extra height.  Future plans include overhead heavy lift gantries to assist with movement of heavy plate and product.

In addition to the building improvements and keeping in line with our quality aspirations, several employees have undertaken further studies with all achieving competency.

Congratulations to the following employees on the successful completion of their studies.

  • Peter Moore – Certificate IV in Project Management
  • Annamaree Young - Lead Auditing and Quality Management Systems Training
  • Jason Packer – Certificate IV in Project Management
  • Gary Nicholls – Cert IV in Project Management
  • Paul Thyer - First Aid Training
  • Annamaree Young - First Aid Training

Staying true to our continuous improvement ethos our product range has diversified and the industries to which we now supply has expanded to include the rail & mining sectors in addition to a steady supply of manufactured product to the American market.  A noteable SA contract with the ASC for the Air Warfare Destroyer has resulted in attaining preferred supplier status to ASC and signed Fabrication Services Agreements to supply HVAC & machined components.  These exciting developments have meant the investment across machinery, technology and testing, along with up skilling its workforce has secured Plasteel’s position as a leading manufacturer and one stop shop in SA. Even more exciting to be recognised as such throughout the industry with several award nominations and in November 2011 being named “SAI Global Systems Excellence Award” winner for 2011.

Workplace Development Award

Recognises a company who has invested in the training, upskilling and development of its workforce as a contribution to building the skills base of the defence industry in South Australia.


Plasteel SA: Plasteel’s training programs are an essential part of the company’s development and remain a strong focus of its continuous improvement model.  An extract from the company’s Management Manual describes intricately its commitment to training.  The objective of this procedure is to cross skill its workforce to minimise its risk exposure to absenteeism and increase its capability through improved efficiency.