What's Newsworthy?


November 2017 saw the Directors of Plasteel SA travel to Sydney for the Annual and very prestigious Optus Business Awards 2017.   We were a National Finalist and up for an award but truly did not expect to win against such credible and notable opponents however we were announced as Manufacturing Business of the Year 2017!!  As stunned as we were, we are very proud to accept this incredible award and especially to ALL the staff whose efforts are being recognised.   Big thumbs up!!



The last couple of years has brought us both some exciting developments and difficult times BUT, things are definitely on the rise!!


This has caused many companies grief.  We have been fortunate our Management Team had the foresight to seek other options as the AWD Project wound down for us.   The increase in Commercial work, in particular the Rail, Oil & Gas and Mining fields has seen us come out as a better and more definitely more lean company, set for the upcoming HUGE amount of Defence Projects in South Australia. 


LAND 400 - The recent announcement by BAE and Rheinmetall that PLASTEEL SA is their Supplier of Choice in Australia for the upcoming $3bn Land 400 Project was a massive coup.  We have been very engaged by both these companies and look forward to hearing who will be awarded the contract.  Fortunate for us, either way we should be involved!!


SEA 1180, 5000 & 1000 - We have been very busy engaging and meeting with all the Primes who may potentially win the contract for these projects.   Being undertaken in SA and having the profound reputation Plasteel has in the Defence Industry, we fully expect to be very busy in the Shipbuilding arena in the upcoming 20-30 years.


To improve our situation over the last few years we have sourced new projects in new fields such as Oil & Gas where we are gearing up for a 3-4 year contract due to start by May 2018.  In addition, our partnership with one particular company involved in Rail has grown and seen us shortly commencing exporting to India on a large scale.

In line with our push for export, we have seen the commencement of exporting our products for the Mining industry to Zimbabwe.

There are many other smaller scale projects we are involved in which are equally important to us, all of which has aided our increase in staff needs and turnover in the last 2 years and we are very appreciative of all the staff's efforts.


In keeping in line with our quality aspirations, we have changed our Quality Auditors and upgraded to ISO9001:2015 with our first audit completed successfully in November 2017.   It has also seen us take on a very experienced new staff member, Andre who has taken over the role of Quality and brings an exciting and new dynamic to our Quality Management System.